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Andrea Olsen, dance artist, author, and educator, has been a Professor of Dance at Middlebury College in Vermont over the past three decades and is author of a triad of books on the body: BodystoriesBody and Earth, and The Place of Dance with colleague Caryn McHose. She currently teaches on Middlebury’s Monterey, California campus bringing mindfulness practices into graduate courses on global communication.  Recent projects include hosting a Whole Body Intelligence series of films and lectures with colleague Nükhet Kardam in Monterey and continuing the Body and Earth: Seven Web-Based Somatic Excursions film project with Scotty Hardwig.http://andrea-olsen.com and http://body-earth.org.


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  1. Good day Andrea, such a pleasure meeting you in person last Saturday at Bates College. I want to share the following article with you as it is exactly what we were discussing during lunch. state of the arts in Canada and some comparison to the US:

    I am also enjoying your short films. What amazing settings! this will not be difficult for me to do as I know exactly where the suggestion to move is coming from! It is more a question of fitting it in my schedule. Let’s see what I can come up with. Be well and good dance to you.
    kind regards,


    • Love the article. THANK you for sending. And we now have translations in Spanish and Russian and are looking forward to adding French. Body and Earth are global visions, and I so appreciate your interest in helping to “translate” this project! Let this inspire anyone else with a passion for language and embodiment to send translations of the films so we can post! All the best, Andrea

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